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This category is intended for topics related to interoperability. The world is globalised, and infectious diseases like have little respect for regional or national boundaries. At the same time, actual deployment of for instance applications such as contact tracing apps tends to happen on a national scale. Since cross-border traffic is inherently a risk factor in virus spreading, interoperability is a key issue to take into consideration for developers and policy makers.

Ethical considerations

Technology is often not neutral in terms of the values it promotes and ignores, and has direct and indirect consequences that can be hard to envision. Some technology may (on paper) look like a pragmatic solution to neatly solve a specific problem, but might effectively have significant detrimental ripple effects in the fabric of society - both in the short term and in the longer term.

Legal/Legislative issues

As technical solutions are considered to tackle different aspects of the pandemic crisis, these tend to pinball into different legal frameworks which were already in place - and depending on their nature may even run into constitutional questions. This involves sometimes very challenging legal questions which can be solved in different ways: by tweaking the technology, by changing legislation - or combinations of the two. Many of the technological choices cross borders, and thus will have legal considerations at a supranational level. This category is dedicated to legal and legislative issues surrounding emergency technologies.

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