Analysis | Why an urgent debate about the corona app is needed

The legal issues are not limited to privacy. It is one thing that, in times of crisis, a democratic government restricts certain fundamental rights, such as the right to self-determination or the freedom of association. It is however something else entirely when these restrictions stem from an app, especially if there is a risk that the app will not function properly.

For instance, is it legitimate that you would not be allowed to walk or cycle with your family members based on the app? And suppose the app restricts your fundamental rights, while afterwards it turns out that you were not infected.

Who is responsible for this?
Who can you sue in case of such a violation?
What would the procedure be?

Lode Lauwaert, Massimiliano Simons and Nathalie Smuha (KU Leuven) wrote an open letter on the so-called corona app.