Ensuring Trust | Collaboration on AI technology is key

We need good governance frameworks that apply to different actors. Many companies put their ethical codes on AI and data-technologies at the top of their CSR-codes. Governments are already bound by international legislation and soft law. But the question is one of collaboration. Especially when quick responses are required, in case of tackling the corona crisis for example.

How will all these actors work together to protect us citizens, to create a world in which we are not controlled by data but data help us shape our world and fulfill our basic needs?

Very often we are not aware of the process of data captured, combined and used to profile us. And very often these profiles are not used in our interest.

How can we build trust in the digital society?

We need conceptual clarity that the new players who collect our data, combine them and use them, and those who design and own these new technologies are also very much responsible for our wellbeing and are not allowed to violate our rights.