Responsibility & Accountability | 7 recommendations on AI

In February 2020 the European Commission published its White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: a European approach to excellence and trust. The Commission called on societal actors to respond to its proposals. In this response the Rathenau Instituut will comment on the ideas brought forward by the Commission. This response is based on the work the institute has done in the fields of ethics and artificial intelligence (AI) and research and innovation ecosystems.

Rathenau Instituut advises the Commission to uphold fundamental rights and public values and recognize that only responsible AI innovations will lead to a sustainable future, in which economic, ecological and societal interests are balanced.

The Rathenau Instituut proposes the following recommendations:

  1. Define AI policies in relation to societal challenges.
  2. Integrate the ecosystems of excellence and trust.
  3. Invest in a distributed but coordinated research capacity.
  4. Set up a central agency that coordinates knowledge sharing between regional research centres.
  5. Take local contexts into account, especially in the public sector.
  6. Take international responsibility.
  7. Guard against the pitfalls of a risk-based approach.